about me

Born in London, I’m a multi-media artist and educator. This was my original training, but I took an early detour and my first career was as a singer, working far and wide in diverse settings and cultures. My practice draws on this time as a performer to embed ideas of identity performance, social geography and linguistics.

I’m especially interested in the emotional directness of art; its capacity to make concerns visible and be a means for change.  

The ‘Human Home’ is the central concept to my work and from where related themes develop. Not least how spaces make us feel; how bodies occupy space differently according to how they are performed, perceived, and mediated through hierarchies of visibility.  expanded on in my blog.

I’ve been teaching art for about 10 years - from BA, MA and public classes - and as rewarding as that can be, that commitment can come between you and your practice. So this website is partly a space to develop ideas and address persistent concerns within the work.

I am currently artist-in-residence for Women/Theatre/Justice (WTJ), an interdisciplinary project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) [view the women/theatre/justice website here]. My work here responds to the WTJ research and its engagement with the practices and people within Clean Break theatre company.   More widely, I listen and respond to the project’s various voices: of people across diverse organizations who work daily and inventively to highlight and reshape the criminal justice system, and to the voices of women living the inequities. I am privileged to be responding to them all, and to be experiencing the rich collisions of collaborative impact. 

My studio practice runs from the Meter Room, a city-based arts collective and project space showing nationally and internationally recognised work in an environment that promotes experimental practice [view meter room twitter].

Work shown here includes a selected back catalogue and ongoing practice.

laura dean artist